Kanyapa Aramraks

Kanyapa Aramraks
Kanyapa Aramraks
(October 2016-)
Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences,
Department of Architecture and Building Engineering, Doctoral Program

Your research study


Please describe your research theme in simple terms.

My research focuses on understanding the management and maintenance of condominiums in Bangkok. Condominiums are increasing in Bangkok area according to the mass rapid transit system development. Therefore some of them will reach the time to maintenance or repair systems. However, condominiums are also new for Bangkok, which has no experience and knowledge to manage and maintenance. In Japan, there are many condominiums or apartments have been built from 1960s or 1970s, and some of them have difficulties in maintenance. Then Japanese knowledge and experience of management and maintenance can be useful in BKK.


What would you want to achieve through your research studies in TMU?

I want to achieve a doctoral degree within the prescribed time. Anyway I think not only the degree but also I will get the value experience to study and do a research in the different culture and context. All these things make the new learning and knowledge for me.


What is the main reason for you to choose TMU as a place to research?

I have been to Japan many times and I had a great impression for many things in Japan. So this country is one destination that I want to go for studying. And then I had a chance to join a workshop with TMU. I have known the professor who interested in researching the same topic as me and there are also scholarships for international student.

Your life in Japan


How is your daily life in Tokyo so far?

When I traveled to Japan for living and studying, I have seen the other side of culture and society of Japan that look seem different from sightseeing. I have seen and experienced the beautiful nature in different seasons and including the festival in each season also. The one problem that I faced is Japanese language, especially the official documents for daily life and academic procedure. Anyway, I have received help from TMU staffs, my professor, tutor and friends.


Have you faced any cultural/customary difference that have surprised or troubled you since you came to Tokyo?

Japan has a culture of long working hours, hard working and high stress. During the lunch break, Japanese people have lunch at the working desk or fast eating at the restaurant. Although they spend a lot of time in hard work but when it’s time to leave work, they have not returned to home yet. They often hang out as a group and drink too much and then go home in late night, sometime I saw drunk guys sleeping on the train or streets.

Your role in the future


What kind of roles would you like to play between Tokyo and your home country in the future?

While I’m studying in Japan, I have the opportunity to visit many Japanese architecture works. And when I graduated, I will return to be a lecturer at university in Thailand. I would like to teach and share the Japanese knowledge and architecture to Thai students. Many Thai students love and want to come to Japan, I will organize the workshops and architecture excursions collaborate between Thailand and Japan to exchange of knowledge and culture.

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